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Finland's longest zipline - an experience over the fell!

We are open tuesday - saturday 12 -17.30 o´clock and closed on sundays and mondays.

Come glide over the Ruka fells! If you love speed, our zipline on top of Ruka fell is for you!

The zipline is the longest in Finland, 364 meters long. Starting at Ruka’s peak,
you slide to the crest at the Gondola Lift Station. You enjoy the stunning and
rugged mountain scenery along the way. As the wind whistles in your ears, you
marvel at the breathtaking scenery all around you. You glide through the sky,
completely safe.

You can choose the traditional upright position, or you can choose the Superman position and experience the feeling of flying! In the Superman position, you slide headfirst, lying flat. We have two lines running in parallel, so you can choose to go alone or with a friend!

It’s easy to do the zipline while downhill skiing - we have equipment that allows the skis to
be carried with you during the slide. If you do not have a lift pass, no problem. You can buy a single lift ticket from Ruka and take the front slopes’ chair lift to the zipline launch platform.

Weight restrictions: min. 30 kg, max. 120kg.